You have to wonder at times what you’re doing out there. Over the years, I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement.
— Steve Prefontaine
Running with NIKE+NYC

Running with NIKE+NYC

No two runners are the same.  Some people run fast (Sub 4min per/mile) , and some people run a more sexy pace (14min per/mile).  If you're like me, you are somewhere in the middle.  Either way, you're running and attempting to better your health, and overall life in the process.  You deserve a medal, and a lifetime supply of dri-fit (okay maybe not a lifetime, but you get the point). 

What most non-runners (God bless their hearts) don't realize is, running is a rather violent sport.  The pounding your body takes is unlike anything I've ever seen.  People crossing finish lines with bleeding nipples, tearing ligaments, and even defficating themselves during a race.  I mean seriously, a grown man died at the finish line of the Brooklyn Half.  So being a runner makes you special.  The mere fact that one runs is a testament to their mental toughness and character.  Just think, in many major sports (football, basketball, baseball, soccer) running is a form of punishment and discipline.  So what does it say about the athletes that run for sport?



So if you're a runner (especially a new one) DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR PACE.  You see, the beauty of being a runner is, your only competition is. . . you.  Not me, not the people you follow on Instagram, and definitely not Bob from marketing (no disrespect, Robert).  The only person who matters, whether you're on mile 1 or 26.2, is you. Never lose sight of that.

Dieting, proper gear, proper recovery and breathing are all key components of being a good runner.  But guess what, if you do well in all those areas, but never get out there and run, you'll still look like a fool whenever you decide to go for a run.  Runners run. They run fast, they run slow, but the key is they just run! Your miles are yours, own them.  And like every other thing in your life, let your naysayers have your miles when you're finished :)


~ Stay True To The Good