So you want in on this running thing, aye?  Don't make me blush.  I'm excited for you. Now, you may be a little nervous and somewhat lost as to how to get started.  No worries, my fellow muggle. Here is all you need to know to get started.  Just promise you'll never finish ;-)


Proper Kicks:

You don't want bloody toes, unless of course you're into that kinda thing lol.  Get some running sneakers, and make sure they're half (0.5) a size larger than your normal size.  You'll need the extra room as your feet pound the hard pavement. 


No runner runs the same. Find out what your stride is, and pick the shoes that best suit your stride. Stop in at New York Running Co  or Jack Rabbit to learn all there is to know about strides and striking angles. The staff will put you on a treadmill and let you test out shoes that support your stride.  Pick a pair or two, and VOILA! 4 for you, Glen Coco! YOU GO, GLEN COCO!


So let's play it smart.  You're new to this, and want the most out of your experience.  So watch what you eat, and give yourself about 2 hours to let your food digest, before you get to qualifying for the Olympics, Boston Marathon, or The Marcy Houses 5k lol.

Eat Clean. Helps Improve Performance.

Eat Clean. Helps Improve Performance.

Track Your Runs:

I use the Nike+ Running app to track and record all of my runs.  There are a number of apps out there.  Use whichever one you like, just make sure it's properly setup.  If you're using the Nike App, make sure the Auto-Pause feature is on.  That way you don't have to worry about stopping your runs when you're waiting at a traffic light, or stopped for a breather (don't worry, I'm not judging you).

Don't Worry About Your Pace:

You're new at this, so you just being out there is an accomplishment in itself.  More important than the pace you're running at is how frequently you run.  Starting off you want to build strength, and give your body a chance to get used to running. After about 2 weeks of consistent running you'll begin to feel stronger. After you build strength, you can work on running faster. 

Run With A Crew or Buddy:

Strength in numbers, my friend.  Whether you live in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or the Bronx, there is a running group for everyone!  And if you don't like any of the groups out there, start your own :-). As a new runner, I would suggest running with NIKE+NYC or The Breakfast Club.

Running groups are great spaces for learning. They provide emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual support that is difficult to gain running alone.  

I hope this info helps you get started.  You will do great!  Keep an open mind, and a positive attitude.  If you ever need some inspiration, feel free to contact me, or anyone who compels you to pursue progress.  Best of luck to you, my fellow muggle. This is your journey. Make it fun, make it short, make it long. Just make sure it never ends :-)



~Stay True To The Good