Remember when your opinion didn't matter?  Remember when you had thoughts on certain concepts, and presented ideas, and people gave you the “who's kid is this” look? You've come a long way since those days, sleeping in your ex-girlfriend’s residential fitness complex.  You've grown a bit since the days when you passed out on Jason’s floor.

Still, there remains a job to do.

You see, some person(s) still have a vendetta out for you. They're close to you, and will do their best to discourage and send negative vibes your way. Be wary of their efforts.

Not much has changed. If anything they dislike you more.

You're in a new place, and although you bring positivity and good vibes, there are people who want nothing, than to see you fail.  They're not happy about your presence. They've made it up in their mind, that you're limited, and will stop at nothing to see you in THE most limited capacity possible.

Just like before.

Remember when you were the new kid at UB? When you first transferred in, fall of 07. People liked you. Generally speaking, you were accepted into many social circles. But the moment you didn't meet people's expectations, and engage with them in a way that made them comfortable, you went from cute, to the annoying, jerk, hethinkhecute, why he so tall, his momma ugly, guy.

What's the lesson?

Change is life’s lone constant.  You may never be prepared for said changes, but you can always adapt as things happen.  At best, try to see them coming. The same people who accepted you, will deny you and push you away. Makes sense, seeing as how someone has to be pretty close to either embrace you with a hug, or deny you with a push. 

Appreciate the lessons.

There's always something to be learned. These changes are a reminder that the universe and feelings are one in the same. Their currents can be in your favor, or they can oppose you. Forces at play, will change and shift, like the tides in the ocean.  Look beyond the present moment. See past the stars, look into infinity, and Stay true to the good. There is always a positive force at play.