The quickest way to kill someone's joy is through comparison. So, you can imagine my attitude towards someone when they say “you're better than...”, or “bro, do you want to be the next...”. I'd imagine such a primitive question would come from a good place. Misguided, absolutely. But, at the same time, I don't fault people for not engaging with me in a way that makes me comfortable. I'm objective enough to see that they're attempting to compliment me.

My objectivity has limits though. I do not and never will, agree with anyone who compares me to someone. I dislike comparisons; in fact, I hate them. 

We often witness comparisons in sports. Is Lebron better than Jordan? Is Steph Curry better than LeBron? Is Peyton Manning better than Tom Brady? Is Cam Newton Jesus in Cleats?  You know, stuff like that. Growing up with three older sisters I often witnessed them being compared by outsiders, and even immediate family members. Comparison happens often, and almost in every aspect of life.


Truth of the matter is, each of these individuals are all good and unique. They all possess a skill set, and work ethic that is unparalleled. But in a world that is predicated on garnering interest in the form of attention, storylines are needed. The game within the game is what draws an audience and keeps the machine going.

The fitness industry is no different, or is it? How does one measure how good, or effective a personal trainer or coach is? Does one need a major brand's co­-sign? Does one have to be affiliated with a famous celebrity? Is it mandatory to have a social media following of 1 million subscribers?

I'll be honest, all of those questions deserve about as much time as it takes me to press the send button on my iPhone.

You see, success in this industry and for that matter, in life, is defined by you. You’re successful when you set a goal, and reach it. At least that's what I believe. You don't need to be compared to someone else, to validate your greatness.

What I'm after is something you can't place a price on. What I'm working to create, can't be accurately measured in followers, celebrity clientele, or brand affiliation. What I'm after, what I'm building, what I'm creating is something unique. It's something good...



GOODWRK is what I'm after. The narrative of progress. The journey to ones success. Without judgment, without context, without bias or prejudice. GOODWRK serves to break life’s traditional norms and standards through fitness. Everyone is an athlete. And everyone deserves the opportunity to shoot their shot.

I pray for clarity, patience, peace, and growth. My means of achieving these virtues is through earnest endeavors... GOODWRK.  I can appreciate comparisons (I guess), but I surely don't care about them. I'm more concerned with making progress in relation to my former self, and my future goals. Now watch me work.

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