Kings Bleed Too

A space dedicated to exploring and expressing the experiences of Black Men…#KINGSBLEEDTOO



Too many people hanging their hats on par for the course accomplishments. If having a degree and a job is your biggest accomplishment, than you haven't accomplished much. Too many average fish, in average ponds, doing average things, with very average people. Too much emphasis is put on ones social media following. Validated from how many followers you have, such a misleading concept. It's like we value people for not even being themselves. Their a runner, but haven't raced in over a year. They look good in Nike’s, but that's about it. I look around and see trainers who are in terrible shape, but let Beats1 tell it, and they'll swear that their trainers are great.  On a weekend in Prospect Park doing a 5K, why was it that they couldn't even keep up me? They can't keep up with you. They can't keep up with us. It's sorta funny to me. Their struggle is way too much. I know runners who believe they're cool because they run “fast”. They run around telling people about about how “cool” they are. It's kinda sad.. What kind of person does that?


But these are the people who are seen as leaders, and man that's pretty sad. I'm glad I've created my own thing. I get to create independently of people and their bad vibes.  Too many comparisons to people who cheated to get where they are.  Too many runners upset at the narrative of other runners. What ever happened to being excited for another person’s accomplishments? 


I don't get it. Help me understand.  All these brand enthusiast. Does Nike pay you? Does Under Armour pay your bills?  Why is it that people can't just be happy for people? I have questions, I want answers.


Maybe I'm asking too much. Maybe I'm expecting too much. Maybe I'm just too much.


~Stay True The Good