Dad has been sober from drugs for 27 years of his life. His son is 30 years old. My Superhero. My King. My idol; been imperfect, been in pain. He's been dealing with issues of loneliness, abandonment, self-worth, depression, and identity. Dad went on to have 4 sons. All 4 of them different, like the 3 different Mothers who birthed them. One of them, like his Father is, like his Mother is, was always into something. He sang in the church choir. He played the lead role in all the school plays, and always stood out whenever he had a ball in his hands.

He always kept a journal, just like his Mother. He was always writing/expressing his voice thru scribbled words only he could read. These days he still writes, as does his Mother. 30 years of pain. 30 years of joy. 30 years of tears. This is his story so far. Kings Bleed Too. Welcome to his fears.



Something about the locuascious ones. The gregarious, social extroverts, who control a room from the moment they walk in one.  How it happens, how they steal our attention, even if just for a moment.  How a situation isn't a situation, unless they come around.  Why's it like that? Are they a magician? Do they possess some type of magical power, that allows them to own the moment?

Being number two is merely being the first to lose
— Aubrey Drake Graham



That's the line my fav rapper just said, as I wrote this.  I'm not so sure I agree with him. You see, I've taken loses. In fact, just this, morning I got curved by a woman I wanted to date.  That's how it goes sometimes.  Even Jordan got bumped from the playoffs. Even Michael Jordan looked terrible in a Wizards uniform (although Kobe's demise suggest MJ's wasn't so bad).  Serena Williams recently lost in the US Open. Lebron James failed to win his 3rd NBA championship in 2015.  Would you consider any of them losers?  Would you consider any of them failures?  Perhaps your standards for success are higher than Steve Job’s.  Perhaps you're the prodigal son, and the holy grail of career progression. But for us mere mortals, we'd consider the formers to winning.


What makes us identify with those whom are unlike us?  There is a difference, right?  I mean, our names are different, we look different, we have different taste, deposit balances at our respective financial institutions, and I know I'm not nearly as good a Basketball or Tennis player as any of the athletes I mentioned earlier.



Differences.  Their reality is apparent, to the naked eye.

Here's some insight.

They put their pants on 1 leg at a time, just like we do. I devote myself to my craft, like they do. I have the same 24hrs in my day, as they do. I believe in myself, and my talents, just like they do. I'm the best at what I do. Not a soul alive can compete with me. I'm special. I'm damn good at this. I should be thanked by Obama!

So don't ever let the success of another discourage or intimidate you. We’re all born with a set of skills, and given opportunities. Take advantage of yours, at all cost. Run, fly, sing, heal. Just be sure to create the narrative that you deserve. There is good in you. Stay true to that good.

Once upon a time, someone great made a choice to pursue their passion. They decided to hone their talents/craft. They sacrificed, and even endured moments of depression and heartache.  

No one talks about how Lebron grew up with just his mom. No one talks about how Serena spent more time playing tennis than she did with Barbie Dolls, or her friends. People seldom acknowledge the process. They just see the end result, so as a result we formulate this logic that suggest that these successful people are somehow immune to the same circumstances that we all encounter. 

Truth is, we have more in common, than the media portrays. 

Whatever you do, I wish you the best in your endeavors.  Continue to uplift yourself by digging deeper into yourself and discovering things about you.  Work on your skill set.  Challenge yourself, and alway remain positive.  Your moment and theirs are one and the same. Just make sure you're ready for yours in 2016

 Getting to it!

Getting to it!



~Stay True To The Good