Dad has been sober from drugs for 27 years of his life. His son is 30 years old. My Superhero. My King. My idol; been imperfect, been in pain. He's been dealing with issues of loneliness, abandonment, self-worth, depression, and identity. Dad went on to have 4 sons. All 4 of them different, like the 3 different Mothers who birthed them. One of them, like his Father is, like his Mother is, was always into something. He sang in the church choir. He played the lead role in all the school plays, and always stood out whenever he had a ball in his hands.

He always kept a journal, just like his Mother. He was always writing/expressing his voice thru scribbled words only he could read. These days he still writes, as does his Mother. 30 years of pain. 30 years of joy. 30 years of tears. This is his story so far. Kings Bleed Too. Welcome to his fears.

OBSTACLES: How To Overcome Life's Challenges



I'm certain of nothing these days. In fact, i have very little faith in the universe. But boy do I believe in myself.  Have you ever looked into the eyes of a person filled with conviction? I scared my mother the other day. She said my thoughts were so sharp and linear, she worried that i'm becoming obsessive. It comes with the territory these days. But that's not what I'm here to talk about.


Internal & External and always present.  Our days are often spent attempting to overcome them. Sometimes they come from nowhere. At times we see them coming. But how exactly does one successfully overcome an obstacle? 

Thinking back to that day I was on the phone with a woman I envisioned myself marrying. We met in very random way, but ever since, she's been a pleasant spark in my life. So we're talking, and she eventually gets to the part when she tells me how she doesn't want a romantic relationship with me. Hurt doesn't accurately describe how i felt in that moment.  Embarrassed, dumbfounded, frustrated, and genuinely taken back by her sentiments, I respected her feelings.  But understand, I DID NOT LIKE WHAT I HEARD. I digress.

Now this happens the day before we had dinner reservations at a French restaurant in the city, because courting...duh!  Now what do I do? Just curved, the night still young, and a ton of deadlines for work, what is Percell going to do?


When you look at an obstacle coming, it's that much easier to overcome it.  You can prepare.  You can devise a game plan.  For all intensive purposes, you can get your sh*t together. But what happens when you're caught off guard?  How do you manage your emotions in the midst of hurt, pain...obstacles?  How do you game plan for the unexpected?  How do you deal with unforeseen occurrences?

I remembered something, I remembered my name. I'm Percell Sean Alfonzso Dugger. I'm a great person, outstanding Leader, Coach, Mentor, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Distance Runner and a downright amazing individual. Not because of self proclamation, but because my clients, athletes and peers say so. So if anyone doesn't like me (for whatever reason) that's their loss. I've been teased, and i've been praised at different points in my life.  I've made 6 figures annually before, and I've been homeless.  I've been heart broken, and i've done my share of heartbreaking.


Obstacles are only obstacles if you see them as such.  The universe doesn't always meet our expectations.  We may not always get what we want, in pursuit of what we need.  Does that mean we should just give up and quit?  How foolish would I be if I took this situation and allowed it to impact the other amazing things I have going for me? 


For as long as we're alive, they will always be there. Whether internal, or external, an obstacle will be present.  But the only thing you need to overcome any obstacle in yourself. You can count on you. Bet my life on it 🙏