I just take my time with this, I still believe in that.
— Aubrey Graham

Whether it's one of the the athletes I coach, or one of my clients, I am seen as a leader and relied upon to guide and direct said people, to reach their goals.  I've been training for a minute.  I have been immersed in the culture of Football since I was six.  It's not easy, but I know the ins and outs of both areas like I know your "girlfriends" favorite flower (Happy Valentines Day, Bae number 11).  So when i'm amongst the team, or training a client, I am very much in my element.  I'm in complete control, and aside from MAYBE God, there isn't anyone that can take me off my game. 

Things get a little different however, when working on my own personal goal(s): Building.  You see, running for me does NOT come easy.  Cliche, cliche, cliche....This (expletive) is HARD!  I feel a great sense of pressure to be the best runner possible. Whether that means being elite, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, or simply just running 25 miles a week.  Not for the sake of bragging or anything audacious like that.  Running has made me a better person, so imagine what kind of person I'll be when I become a better runner?


Building takes time, but what's the rush?  I mean, doing it right is better than just doing it.  I would rather approach this process in a concentrated, organized fashion.  I have a ton to learn, and even more to do. So if I rush this process, I run the risk of missing something along the journey.  

One of the ways in which I'm building as runner is by running with Resident Runners, The Breakfast Club, and Black Roses NYC.  Both groups were created for totally different purposes, but play a major role in helping me build.

I wonder what I'm trying to figure out by running so much.  It's difficult to put your finger on something you love and describe exactly why you love it. I just do. More than any woman, experience and or feeling, I love to run.  

What gets me though is, I can't always say that I enjoy the running part .  I always love when I complete a run. Completing a run gives me a interesting feeling.  Like i built something, like I created something through running.



One of the most outstanding qualities of the human species is our ability to create. We differ because of this ability. Because we have to ability to execute a manifestation. Steve Jobs is someone who comes to mind when I think of a great creator. In the world of sports, Serena Williams and Magic Johnson are two examples of players who create(d) something unique and special.

At times tho, we humans can complicate creations. Too much of this, too many of those, why'd you'd add this. Our willingness to create something unique/special these days can often be misguided and incomprehensible. Like the trend of people standing up at tables to take pictures of their food at Brunch.

For many years I've been creating, 28 to be exact. I've created relationships, careers, a brand, reputations etc. Having said all that, I'm elated and at peace with my recent creations. You see, I remember crashing in my University's Library, Capen Hall at night bc that's where I lived. I remember crashing at Jason's house on the floor, bc that's where I lived. The space I was in didn't leave much room for creation.  But now, if Jason ever comes to visit, he has a place to stay. I remember seeing Tom & Carl head to work everyday, and thinking to myself, "man they're so cool, but I don't know if I like banking". Now we have conversations about them coming to see me do something I

My 28th birthday, like my 27th and God willing my 29th, was spent running a combined total of 28miles. Stopping along the way to experience moments with those who love me. From brief txt msg convos, comments on social media, voicemails, phone conversations, photoshoots and some rather light lunches. Heck, even my girls Basketball team remembered it was my birthday. I love you all.

A time to reflect, a time to appreciate, a time to show gratitude. More so than that, those miles served as a time for me to create a moment for myself. One that serves as a reflection of the larger space that I've created for myself.  I'm building something.  At times I'm unsure of exactly what i'm building.  But it feels so good. Honest, sincere, pleasant, and with love.  Where ever these miles lead me, I am going to continue to enjoy the journey.  I'm going to continue to create.  And whatever good comes of it, I promise it will be true.

Stay True To The Good