No two players are the same. A great leader/coach, can connect with the individual(s) and inspire their team to buy into one singular goal...winning.
— Coach Dugger
Castle Athletics 13 under. Coach Emilee Christopher. 

Castle Athletics 13 under. Coach Emilee Christopher. 

The young men I develop, they remind me of me.  The young women I coach, they're reflections of me. Or rather, I'm a reflection of all of them. Actually it's more like both. We reflect one another. There's a balance at play, a very sensitive one. I tote the line, rather artful in my approach. I manage my expectations for them, because they're not the player I was. I have high expectations, because they're not the player I was.  Im here to guide them, teach them the lessons of sport . But I'm no longer suiting up. Oh, how things have changed.

Im militant, deliberate and somewhat lacking in objectivity with the boys, I have to. For now, I converse with the girls, bc I have to. I'm a bit more patient with my girls because they're in a very critical point in their development (puberty). My reasoning is simple, they're different. Therefore, they should be led differently. I'm here to support the girls and Coach Christopher. I defer to her when it comes to the girls. She connects with them on a level that I simply can't right now. When it comes to the Varsity Boys & Girls, I feel secure in my approach.  HS Athletes don't need as much tenderness.  They're more mature, and most of them have been playing for years once they make it to me. I love coaching in general, but i'm best suited to be coaching HS Athletes or older.

My HS COACH. Former HS TEAMMATE(Current Coach at Grand Street Campus Varsity Football). 

My HS COACH. Former HS TEAMMATE(Current Coach at Grand Street Campus Varsity Football). 

When you don't see me out. When I read, but don't reply, know that the young adults I coach are the reasons why. Coach Dugger, I take pride in that name. Personal Training is great, but deep down I'm a Coach. I enjoy Personal Training, but I LOVE to coach. Coaches change lives, they save kids and families. We walk a fine line, balancing our two families. I love coaching, more so than any woman, book, or brand. I'm in love with this sport. And I'm willing to take a bullet for the sake of coaching and protecting my athletes.

Ebony & Coney Island, they taught me the basics. Coach Sanchez was there, he was a father to me. Coach Laino was next, he he did right by me. Coach Sadat was third, he loved my hustle. Those Riverside Church Days with Tyrone, I remember them all. Now Knox is my coach, of them all he's the most unique.  I'm also not a impressions teenager. I love how flexible Knox is in his approach. If there is one thing I've learned from him from a far, it's how to manage and engage with your athletes, both individually and as a unit

Coaching reminds me of my moments as a writer.  I'm helping these athletes create the foundation, the first few chapters, of their narrative. In a practical sense, coaching is the application of leadership. I'm a leader, who coaches football, basketball and fitness. My actions, and how I engage with these young men and women, are a reflection of my passion to see them succeed. 


But what many of them will never understand (maybe when they're wiser) is the dichotomy that coaching/leadership presents to me.  You see, a leader is not a leader unless they have followers. A coach is not a coach bc of their title. We are only as good as the athletes we aim to develop and lead. I'm not a good coach bc I win games. I'm a good coach bc my players say so. I'm a great leader bc people follow me, and believe in me. We need one another. For the amount of time we spend engaging with one another, I'm everything to these young adults, except their father. And that my friends is valuable. That my friends I take great pride in, and am willing to die for, without hesitation. We offer our lives to these athletes, what do you bring to the table?

Castle Athletics 16under. Coach Emilee Christopher. 





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