At times, ones must be able to feel and see beyond the present moment. Everything won’t be crystal clear, go with the flow.
— Sean Thomas

Often times we know what to expect from situations.  Like when you walk into your local coffee shop, you know they're going to have coffee.  When you add 2+2, unless you're really bad at math, you're always going to get 4. There is a certain security that comes with these situations, and life equations.  But what happens when you're outside of your comfort zone?  What happens when you're immersed in an unknown space with nothing to reference?



As a new runner, I often find myself stepping outside of my comfort zone into environments. These environments are unseen until I'm forced to look at them.  New routes, pains, people, all seen and experienced along the way.  But what does it all mean?  How does it all connect?

For as many times as I've asked myself those questions, I come back to the same conclusion, IT DOES NOT MATTER.  You see, as a runner I've learned that sometimes you just have to go with the vibe.  Sometimes, you just have to put one foot in front of the other and trust that you're going to strike a solid surface.  Sometimes you just have to get lost in the moment of uncertainty, to find the answers you're seeking.

13miles (5k on the track) in Beacon, NY w/ @blackrosesnyc

13miles (5k on the track) in Beacon, NY w/@blackrosesnyc

Running, just like everyday life, presents many challenges. One may not always understand the purpose of said challenge.  One may not always see the end result, or know exactly how things will play out, but does that mean you're not going to run your race, your life?  Is one too consumed with the logistics of circumstances to focus on persevering? 


Make Progress. Make sense later.

Make Progress. Make sense later.

We all can recall situations that we would've liked to know what the outcome was going to be.  But what about the lessons?  What about the vibes?  There is progress to be made in these uncertain and uncomfortable situations. There are lessons to be learned along the journey.  Enjoy the moment, embrace the vibe.  Immerse yourself in the process and savor the moment(s).  Whatever the end result is, know you have made progress through your willingness to trust the vibes.

~S. Percell Dugger

Stay True To The Good