LIVING IN QUEENS, but dying every time I looked in the mirror.

Being in LOVE, but Knowing I was miserable.

Totaling a Lexus on the Belt Pkwy, and waking up to no one coming to see me in the hospital.

I remember sleeping in Jason's car.

Sleeping in the gym of my ex girlfriends Buffalo loft. Wouldn't ask her to stay over bc...pride.

Not asking for help.  I remember not listening to my mother say "Come home".

Getting punched by a women I loved. 

Failing my 7th grade biology class, a marking period after I received an A.

Feeling like I had to lie about my life, so that I could fit in.

Telling someone I love, that that they're my best friend, but I can't be with them.

Seeing my mother lay in pain, and having to clean her bc the nurses at Coney Island Hospital sucked. 

Praying for money.

I remember Coach Ruben Sanchez.

I remember my father, and his journey.

Jenay and Jhonei, and why they're both important.

I'll never forget Aunt Marry.

I remember fighting falling in love.


I run. 

Now I love.

Now I understand the lessons. 

I'm not there yet, but I've grown.

I'm happy. I'm content. But more importantly, I remember. The good, the horrific, the beginning.

The pain, the losses.

The hard way.

I remember.