Vantage Point


Getting to that point, you know?  That space where things just feel right.  That space where you just taste the next phase, the next chapter.  I don't know how things got to this point. I could be absolutely be wrong about all of this. 

Pero I'm not.

Perspective is such a beautiful concept.  Many of (wo)men have searched long and hard to figure out life most troubling issues.  If you ask me, perception, yes your perspective, is what make us all special and sheds insight on some of life most troubling issues.

I want to take it deeper than money, sex, vacations, and influence a generation that’s lacking in patience.
— Aubrey Graham


No one, not a soul, can ever see the world how you see it.  No one in the world can run exactly like you do.  We are all born with a unique gift that impacts our relationship to any and everything.  That gift is our perspective.  That's something that is unique to us. It is the genesis of our creative spirit.

Not often, but every once in a while someone asks me about the visuals I post on Instagram.  Questions like: Are you a photographer? Who takes your pictures? Or statements like: I love this picture, How did you do that?  Still make me chuckle.  I'm not a professional photographer.  I don't even own a professional camera (yet).  All the photos on my website and social media accounts were taken on a iPhone 5s or 6.  What I think people are acknowledging, more than anything, is my perspective.

Perspective, it has a direct impact on just about everything we do.  For every choice we've ever made, we had to first see the situation.  We had to develop a viewpoint, a feeling first, BEFORE we acted on things.

Moving on.

Once upon a time I was not a runner.  I had zero interest in becoming a distance runner.  Partly because every sport that I've played, has used running as a means of disciplining athletes.  Late for practice, RUN. Bad comments from your teachers, RUN.  Talking back to coach, RUN. So it's easy to see why I didn't initially love the sport.  But every time I finished running, in my younger years, I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.  I knew whatever I just did made me stronger and better. 

This is perspective ladies and gentlemen.  Many of things can impact or alter our perspective.  I once loved a woman.  Then one day I woke up in the hospital from driving home late from her place.  Driving, exhausted, around 11pm on the BQE, after working a 12hr day will do that to you.  I nearly died in that car accident.  She never left her bed that night, or stepped foot in the hospital I was staying in the next day.

My perspective changed after that night.  

What's your perspective?  How do you see things? 

Better yet, how are you connecting your perspective on issues you feel passionately about, to your everyday life in a practical sense?  Thinking back on my times spent sleeping on floors, or further back than that when I had to sell soap to make a dirty dish to wash, it's given me some perspective.  Seeing my mother's life in question, and my Aunt pass has given me perspective.  Bringing flowers to a woman I care about, just to see her ride into the night on another man's motorcycle...I digress.

Your perspective, whatever it is, I pray it evolves.  I pray you see the world in a more refined, creative, insightful way each day the sunrises.  Experience life.  It's pitfalls, its peaks, it's hurts and pains.  Love the journey, and remember that your perspective, is just that, yours.  It makes you special, but it's only as valuable as the moments in which you are willing to evolve.


~Stay True To The Good