The search within. Make amends, make the man.
— Sean Thomas

So now that I'm here, things are vague and very unclear. I once interacted with my friends but now, none of them are peers.  Their all engaged to be married, and I get it, that's fair. But I'm single, not here to mingle, for my time is  too precious to spare. My self-development is about the only thing I'm trying to progress with.  These times are shaky man, I'm a little nervous, yeah I'll admit it. The same ones who threw jabs, now wanna talk and do business.  So please don't think I'm the type to believe "I'm too good" and such. I just don't believe in forced interactions, they just ain't worth much.

The other night on the track, man, it was something special.  I knew when Raul dapped me up that night, it was like a gold medal.  You gotta keep the youth around, they're the ones you can trust. If an idea is WACK, they're objective to tell you as such.  The young men I coach, and young ladies too, they're the consumers brands are targeting to sell to.  So it makes sense for me to get their feedback.  What they believe in, why they believe in....All valid, all insightful, and I'm here to learn.

But I digress, that's not what I'm here to talk about.  At times I'm removed from the scene, guess I needed a break. Not from running or coaching, bc that would be a major mistake.  Just needed sometime to get my heart right. It began to wander off, started to get lost. But these miles helped me reroute my way back home. I walked dogs that weren't mine, swiped'em on the train(I swiped left too). Things you do when you find yourself immersed in a TING. But that was was sometime ago. It's a better feeling than getting canceled on, 2 times at last minute like a BAD Nigerian TV show. I'm way off topic man, too many moments that I'm recalling.  That's probably why I don't reflect too much, it can get very annoying. 

Touches. Like art, not everyone understands.

Touches. Like art, not everyone understands.

Football seasons coming up, funny bc I don't play the games. I'm grown up now, I coach, I orchestrate the games.

Toronto Marathon is approaching, so is New York City.  You'll see me out there, doing my thing, I'll be ready for #Showtime

#GOODWRK is doing GOOD, you know I'm proud of my baby. Funny how falling in love with your talents, can make life amazing.

Be apart of something special.     

Be apart of something special.  

My second season with Black Roses is coming up. Although these overly emotional slack convos can be a bit much. I love the crew, love what we do, and how we do it. Running is weird, there's just no other way that I can put it.  And that EXACTLY WHY I LOVE THIS SPORT!

Took a trip to Puerto Rico a couple months ago. Funny how you can change the scene but still see the same things.

My mom is doing better, that's major to me. My pops is still my best friend, you know Apples..Trees. 

First Day. 

I work at Nike now. I mean, are you really surprised? 

I left Equinox, don't be too surprised. Gyms collect 65% of what their trainers make. You do the math, I did the math! So now the records straight.

All in all I'm ready to get my training going. Can't wait for this season to unfold. New runs, new feelings, new things and new TINGS. Above all, the LOVE remains the same.



Comfortable in the shade ;)





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