I don't want to be another one that misled your soul.  I take my time seriously. Not a single second  goes in vain. It's kinda ironic you know, it wasn't always like this. I remember begging women for their attention, now here I am writing this. Often my abrupt distance serves as the cause of frustration. My sincerest apologies, Dear. I believe you've got me mistaken. You see, I don't always connect with people. In fact I seldom do. Some vibes just don't sit well with me, but ours was kinda cool. But I don't have the space to to give a woman my all. I'd rather coach. I'd rather run, I'd rather write, than to invest in building a relationship. Yes, I like you. I'm never ashamed to admit that. But ask me what id do with those feelings, and the answer is, not much.   

Remember the "Model" chic? The tall one, with really big lips. She was a Jay-Z, and Phony People fan, but man she wasn't sh*. Remember the time you sat in the spot and waited for her. She still ain't text you back. You still thinking about her?

Remember the one chic, a writer from the DMV. How' she came and went, it happened so abruptly. You hear from now and then, but it's all business now. You were so willing to invest in her. Look at you, clown!

Think back to that time in Buffalo, remember when you almost became a witness? Be truthful Dugg, was it Jehovah, or were you just chasing b*? 

You moved back home, it was the youngin, then Diane, then another from Indiana. All ended with you confused. They were all just souls you touched. Was it worth it? Didn't you do enough?

Clearly not, bc now, you're messy as fck.

You're neglecting me, so heavily, why is that? You're treating me like the chic with the bangs, you brought flowers to, at her bday party. You know, the one that said "I'll call you back". You're not going to hear back from her. 


There's only a handful of women in NYC who give a fck about you. But being honest don't none of them know you like I do. See, I hold you down, I give you life, I'm your fcking wife! 

My name is Running, I miss you Cell. Please come home and spend the night.

Please come home, don't sleep alone. You're my king, come sit in your throne.

Them or me, you can't have both. You know most of these women ain't sh** 

You went to them, and left me. They left you. I'm still here, so tell me, who you wit?

Don't even tell me, just show me. See you for SEASON VI

~Stay True To Good



Vantage Point