Fresh Vibes w/the @bkfastclub.

The new kid...they're still calling me that. "Who's Percell? Do you know him? Is he any good?"  I think back, and revisit moments when some great individuals began to stand out.  Remember Michael Jordan's first year making the Playoffs?  Remember his rookie year?  The league, and basketball culture as a whole was set to shift. Bc one man didn't care about anything else except greatness.  He believed in himself, his vision, and his passion.  Yes he was an immense talent, but his will, not merely to succeed, but to transcend.  To create thru his works, and constant devotion.

You can’t knock my hustle, dog. It’s way too strong
— Jermaine Cole

Never thought i'd be talking from this perspective.  I vividly remember, not so long ago it feels like, looking in the mirror and not knowing the thing I saw. My absence and lack of identity was rather concerning.  But I can't live like that, all young and naive.  Not after everything I've seen, and things I believe.  Im drastically changing, thank you for all your patience.  These miles have brought my soul to some profound places.  Nothing abstract and vague, like a theory or something.  Self-Love and acceptance, so simple and sweet.  I remember being afraid to want the simple things.  Now I wake up to them constantly, man I can feel the change.


Birthday coming soon, it's quite a feeling.  Finally in a space where i'm content with all of my feelings.  UNRULY in my attitude, yes I think I've nailed it.  Seems like they're trying to get a point across to me, but I don't care for the message.  These days I know, so I don't ask.  These days I don't just run, I run fast. So I legitimately don't have time to catch up with you.  I'm just in a different space these days, and I'm choosing to embrace it.  The women that claim to love me, just aren't so lovely.  I want more than the physical from them...they can't touch me. I mean they do, but not in a way that does anything for me.  Feelings these days are joyous when Im running or coaching.  Tinder matches just don't match with what I have going on.  

...So just keep doing YOU!

I'm here to better myself through running, personal training, coaching, #GOODWRK. All this is very exciting.  I know i'm young, and I could probably get out more.  But the people saying that should probably stay in more. There's not much out there that excites me. Not to mention the fakeness that's constantly present.  I'm tired of force interactions with people I don't connect with. Telling me "I'm proud of you Percell" like care to accept it.  I find it condescending that someone would tell me that.  Especially considering that i'm doing better than them #FACTS. But I don't care enough to react. I just nod, and make a point to move on. Mentally and physically, i'm just so far gone.  I mean they lack understanding, and I'm not in the mood for educating.  I'm just grateful that my friends love me enough to tell me when my breathe stinks. Or if I need haircut, or if i'm being lazy. You must value the simplicity in life, it's rather amazing.

Strolling...But i'm too cool to be cold ;-)

So many people live their lives, only paying attention to themselves.  I love that i'm in cirlces that people love love enough to pay attention to someone else.  I appreciate the wonderful people around me. Emilee, Dannielle, Knox, Leigh, Alicia, Kymmi Cee, Chaz, David Rose, Tommy, Roc, Camille, my Parents, Tracy, Guerdely, Alexis, Lenny, Marcy, Natelege, Kristin, Sandra, Erica, Rev, Brittany, Easy, Jason, Rahsaan, Brad, Evan, Damali, Carl, Ernest, Sunny, Kurt, Shamar, Tanesha, Coats and Niki.  Thank you all for helping me grow, helping restore this village of a man.  Sometimes I look back on moments, back then, when I didn't understand.  I have great people around me. I'm fortunate to call some of them friends. 

Now that i've said that, it's time to get to work.  Rookie season is in the books.  The league knows i'm a dangerous. It's time to go back to back. Oh man, OH MAN! NOT AGAIN! But this time, they're going to spell my name right.

~ Stay True To The Good