So you're at the gym, working on your fitness.  Good for you.  You spot a lovely woman, over by the cardio section, and she's absolutely stunning.  Great!  What should you do?  Nothing, you idiot.  Leave her alone.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Leave Her Alone

  1. She's Focused: Although gyms are social spaces, many of the women in them are there with a specific goal in mind.  Let her workout without any distractions.  She probably just wants to get in and get out, without your "assistance".

  2. You Should Be Working Out:  To be honest, if you were paying as much attention to your own goals, you wouldn't be so eager to impede upon another's progress.  Focus on your own journey. You're there to help yourself, not find bae.

  3. If She Liked You, You'd Know Already: Hey look, im 28 years old. Most women near my age know how to give signs.  They have their ways of communicating.  The question is, are you picking up on them?

  4. She Probably Has Bae Already: Most beautiful women, especially the ones who workout all the time, have a romantic interest.  Her passion for fitness is part of the reason YOU like her. You don't think someone else noticed? 

  5. Women have Spidey Senses: Look bro, that whole "do you need a spot" line ain't working. Just keep it pushing.  Most gyms have their regular members, who have been loyal for quite sometime.  She's been there consistently, which means she's probably familiar with dealing with people approaching her. You're just the latest soon to be casualty. 



~Stay True To The Good





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