So you're at the gym and someone catches your eye. Okay.  Here are some suggestions to help increase your chances of scoring a date with gym bae.


Gym hookups

  1. Appearance/Hygiene:  Pretty simple, but yet so difficult.  Gyms can get funky.  People are sweating, grunting, and even spitting. Standout by being well groomed, and smelling good. This sounds primitive, but take a shower.  It will increase your chances of being noticed. Some light cologne, and good pre gym shower can go a long way.

  2. Familiarity:  Smile. Say Hi. Keep it moving. Be cordial, confident, and about your business. You will increase your chances of asking her out, if she's familiar with you.  If she see's you often, and you casually acknowledge her presence, without being overwhelming or awkward, you're almost there.  Smile. Say Hi. Keep it Moving.

  3. Take A Class:  Most women prefer working out in small group settings, as opposed to the general gym area.  If you want to increase your chances of getting her attention, take a class.

  4. Don't Creep:  Goes without saying, but it needs to be said.  DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CREEP.  It's a major turnoff, and may even get you kicked out of the gym. Following women, starring at them, catcalling, are all definite NO NO's.  Do not be that guy, ever.

  5. Not while they're working out:  Some people dig the whole gym hookup thing, some don't. Different strokes for different folks, you know? However, if you're digging someone, let it be known in a respectful, sincere,  and concise way.  You only get one shot, so go ahead and shoot yours.  Just be sure to do it when you see them leaving or entering the gym.  Once people start exercising, it's pretty annoying and disrespectful to be interrupted.  Don't be that person.  

  6. Don't be mad:  If they decline (for whatever reason), don't be mad and make things awkward.  There are a number of reasons why you weren't successful.  None of them are any of your business.  You have been rejected, now move on with your life.  No means NO.  Go workout, isn't that why you're here in the first place? ;-)


These are just my suggestions.  I'm on record for being in opposition of Gym Hookups.  In fact, I think they're wrong.  At the same time, people find love in many different ways.  So who am I to judge?


~Stay True To The Good


Waist of Time