Hard For Me To Smile



From the door I showed you my scars
And I told you girl, "I won't lie". Know I'm not perfect. At my worst I was the best at being a fck boy. 

If we at war, then this is a war that I can't afford, no I can not. Forcing me to choose between showing you attention and getting my work done. Knowing I can't do both, I always chose you. The moment I didn't, you complained. punished me for it too. I guess that's how you show support.

I wanted more but that was before.
Lord knows I'm torn, so I cry. From the corner of my eye, baby girl,
It's been hard for me to smile. 

Lately, it's been hard for me to smile. So much familiarity in these tears. I pray they don't define the narrative of my career.


A Shattered Heart No More

A Shattered Heart No More