You're healing. You're not perfect. You have have flaws. Your greatest asset however is your ability to grow. You have accepted your faults mistakes. But you don't owe anyone anything nor does anyone owe you anything. You owe it to yourself to be happy and ensure yourself the brightest possible future. You don't owe anyone your past. Your happiness is rooted in your relationship with God, and your relationship with yourself. Love God, for God will preserve you and make sure you are always in a space to take care of your family. Your family is not limited to blood relatives. You will connect with authentic love. That connection is family. Cherish it; for authentic love is not common. You are a great man when you open up and operate in love instead of living in fear. Don't confuse people's judgements with your own insecurities. Your healing process is ongoing, but do not look back. Those who have not forgiven you are speaking to and about a person who no longer exist. That's their problem, not yours. A subtweet merely is an indication that they still care, but your eyes don't need to experience their misguided energy. Move in God's will. Trust God's purpose for your life at all times. It's okay to pray and talk to God often. God is always there, despite you feeling isolated and alone at times. There is strength in your vulnerability and resolve. Knowing your feelings is as important as having them. As you are healing, so are others. Space and distance is okay. If someone decides to completely move on, your love for them will make that process easier, because your love is rooted in positivity and not limited by selfishness. Be bold, be brave and know that those two feelings are not inherently loud and boastful. It's okay to aim high and work hard. You were born to lead from the front. Your nephews, nieces and athletes look up to you. They are always learning from your actions, not your words. Build bridges in times of need, not walls. Above all things, move in God's love and know that thru God, all things are possible.

WRK + Bible Study Notes 2.28.18