Dad has been sober from drugs for 27 years of his life. His son is 30 years old. My Superhero. My King. My idol; been imperfect, been in pain. He's been dealing with issues of loneliness, abandonment, self-worth, depression, and identity. Dad went on to have 4 sons. All 4 of them different, like the 3 different Mothers who birthed them. One of them, like his Father is, like his Mother is, was always into something. He sang in the church choir. He played the lead role in all the school plays, and always stood out whenever he had a ball in his hands.

He always kept a journal, just like his Mother. He was always writing/expressing his voice thru scribbled words only he could read. These days he still writes, as does his Mother. 30 years of pain. 30 years of joy. 30 years of tears. This is his story so far. Kings Bleed Too. Welcome to his fears.



Scripture: MARK 5:11-20

The Purpose of the Narrative

The Process...dont be consumed by the process that you forget The PURPOSE of the NARRATIVE. 

Everything in the bible is not a narrative, but when there is a story you must absorb the process, purpose of the narrative (the story).

Verse 13

Jesus controls the other world also (spirits, satan, etc) on top of always being control.

How can one fault/credit the Devil if jesus is ALWAYS in control? When you credit satan you take away from Jesus. Story of Gallaleah.

How do we explain negative things? BREAKUPS, death, tragedy etc. “Life” occurrences are the permissive will of God. Verse 13: God gave them PERMISSION. 

Story of Job...permissive will.

Verse 13B(after the colon)

Faith of Jesus is evident, not the demonstration or application. Jesus was a Jew. Not a christ-ian (like/reflection). Jesus destroyed pork bc they were meaningless to him. Jews don’t eat pork. Spirits moved to pigs, then jesus killed pigs by running them into the sea. 

Homework for next week: HASATAN. What does it mean?

Verse 14


Jews were scared. Jesus healed legion. Pigs killed. Now their feelings have been invalidated.  Conflict: WHO SAW THIS? NOBODY WAS THERE! 

Verse 15-17

Preferred (Jews) 

Tradition & Religion (normalcy) over The Move of God. The move of God always conflicts with Religion & Tradition.

Restore NOT prosper.

The responsibility of Christ is to restore. It is up to us to prosper. Prosperity churches struggle bc they advance  this narrative of prosperity but that’s not jesus’s purpose. He restored legion. He healed the mans hand, he didn’t give the man money or make him king.

Messianic Secret: Tell no man...

“Logos” Word...changes in Legion (the actuality of Jesus’s/God’s word).

Decapolis (10 cities). Jesus purpose was to heal legion, and send legion to spread God’s word. Never wanted to interact with the people. 



Man, where do I begin? Last week was tough for me. Each day felt the lowest point in my life. Monday Feb 11th was the most emotionally defeated I have ever been in my life. Bible study last wednesday, the 13th was fantastic. And this week’s class was even more fulfilling and enlightening. We continued the story of Legion and Jesus, and the takeaways were informative and practical. Specifically the section where we addressed God’s permissive will and giving the devil too much credit versus trusting God’s will. 

I was able to run the most miles ever last week, and this week I am already off to a great start. That pain moved me to do something positive.

I was also able to speak at a High School today and help some young students, student-athletes and faculty get a better feel for the the experiences of Black Athletes. I was able to give back to others and even inspire them, despite still dealing with an unsettled hearts.  I’m still on a social media break. Haven’t posted in a min, and aside from my blog post, not being on social is helping me heal too. But it's really amazing, how despite going thru my own situation(s), I am still able to bring a sense of peace to others. I'm thankful for my friendship with Phyllis. We may not always agree or even like one another, but she has been a great friend during this tough time. She gives me space, and has simultaneously been able to be available for some honest feedback about the ways in which I need to grow and develop. Good friends always know how to talk to you, but most of all, they know how to listen. 



I'll get back on one day, but for now, my focus is on getting to a point where Im not snooping, lurking, and in general, not caring about what someone else is or isn’t doing. Just working on making sure that i am growing each and everyday, and not looking back.

Pretty excited that my dad is celebrating his bday tomorrow. My sister, brother, and two close friends all celebrated their bday on feb 19th. I'll be in Philly thursday night treating my boy David to the soulection event. Then Friday I am watching 2 of my AAU Basketball players compete in a playoff game. I'm looking forward to just supporting them, and seeing how they have developed since last summer. Tryouts for our team are in a few weeks, and I can't wait to get things back going. I love coaching, and being able to do it as the head coach is something I've always wanted. I'm at my best when I'm leading from the front.


My client Kohl is making steady progress. He’s lifting well, and beginning to see great changes in his health. We’re also becoming pretty good buddies. Also, IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE BACK IN CHURCH MORE REGULARLY. Learning something, reading something with curiosity, reconnecting with people who’ve known me since i was a child. Most of all, reconnecting with God and his purpose for me has been amazing.

I don’t know when ill be okay again, but unlike how i felt a week ago, I KNOW I WILL BE BACK TO BEING THE BEST VERSION OF MYSELF SOON. It’s just a matter of time, and what a time that will be.