MY WRK+Bible Study Notes

Below I have have coped my notes from this past wednesday bible study. As someone who is looking to grow spiritually while developing overall as a person, I think it's important to share my journey with others. Checkout my journey and notes below.

It felt good to be back in my home church, in a space where everyone knows me better than I know myself. Bible study was equally informative as it was refreshing. I love to read, but I love to learn more. Couple that with some elements of character development and spirituality, and I had amazing time. It's important for me to continue to grow, especially at moments such as this. I find myself sad, and still in tears about what happened. But instead of lurking on social media, or writing txt msgs etc, I just take my feelings to God in prayer, and proceed to continue on with my day.  Tonight for example, I went to see Black Panther by myself. I haven't been out alone in such a long time, but it felt really good. The movie was amazing with a lot of depth and reflective moments. There is a constant conversation taking place within the film, one that I pray most people understand and appreciate. I think it will make for a great conversation starter amongst friends and within the Black community. And of course amongst non Black folks. All in all, this week has been extremely challenging, but I am making progress each and everyday. Today's run was absolutely one of my best of this year. Checkout some images from it below. I'll be posting my weekly bible study notes moving forward with some poetry/reflective pieces as well. My next piece will be titled: Next Time. It's a poem I wrote a few days ago on my way to NYC. Hope you all enjoy. 

Date: Feb 14 2018

Text: Mark 5:1-27

Context: 400 year gap between last prophet and christ. Prophets act as the mouthpiece of God, and there had been none for 400 years, people were left to create religion without the word of God. Religion is faulty and will change overtime with new generations of people.

All they had was religion for 400yrs (problem)

Jesus visits but the Jews don't know who he is. How come? They should've known who jesus was. They practiced for 100of yrs. Dont be consumed w/religion, you miss out on the will of God.

Decalogue: First 10 commandments as they appear in Exodus.

First presentation: Exodus. Second: Leviticus 19:18. Give neighbor what you have.

Despite violations: God will still show-up via ppl. People can take god to people in-need. Providing Resources without need for acknowledgement.

Jews saw none jewish ppl as others, “gentile”, less than, beneath them...misfits/half breeds.


People judged Jesus for looking after a man and taking care of the man who they despised and displaced. Man in mountains was seen as a monster, crazy, sick. He represents and I.

Powers that be need sufferers bc they validate their status. Wouldn't change practices. If they did, their status would be terminated.

People give for the sake of being valued. Selfish. “They aint say thank you. They don't appreciate” kind attitudes. Be a person who gives, but doesn't seek acknowledgement.

Burnt Offerings: Giving without any reward or knowledge of impact. When you do and it doesn't matter. Not needing acknowledgement for my giving.

Verse 3-5. That man is us. Black People. Percell.

Verse 7. How did this man know who God was? Bc since the beginning, the Devil has always been in God’s presence. Man was possessed by the devils spirit. The spirit recognized God's human form...Jesus.

Possessed man’s name is Legion. His name means army of 6k soldiers. Name represents the multiple spirits that possess him. Name is symbolic because like us everyday people, we have all have layers to us. God/Jesus can handle ALL OF OUR LAYERS/IMPERFECTIONS. When the man was healed he vented all his sins to Jesus. Not just the ones he was comfortable with.