Kings Bleed Too

A space dedicated to exploring and expressing the experiences of Black Men…#KINGSBLEEDTOO


Don't ever begin to think you're not amazing.  Don't ever start to believe that you're not JUST as good as the next person. So what if you have a boss. So did Oprah. So did Barack Obama.

The nature of progress assumes obstacles and setbacks. Never forget that. At the same time, never that those obstacles can't be overcome. Your today is NOT your tomorrow. Your yesterday is not your today.

The difference between you and the space you want to be in is merely a time factor. So make the time worth it. Everyday, every hour, every moment, be about your business.

Take what's yours. Believe in yourself. Take risk. Embrace the unknown. Find comfort in the discomfort of uncertainty.

Thrive off of others willingness to not compete. Be willing to do what others won't. Be okay with being intentional in your actions. Love the results of your discipline. Work smarter, and harder. Give yourself every opportunity to grow.

Know the difference between an opportunity to grow, and an opportunity to be distracted. Know who's going places that you see yourself in. Be okay with being a leader. Don't look down on the notion of being a follower. Know that the two are merely a matter of perspective and circumstance, because those are always subject to change.

 Stay True To The Good