Corporate Training


We believe that wellness extends to the workplace. That’s why we’ve created group fitness classes designed to help employees around the world stay fit, and do so without leaving their workplace. Looking to bring the GOODWRK experience to your workplace? Checkout our class options below. We’ll see you at work.


Let’s Wrk

Created by Coach P, Let’s Wrk is an all out high intensity, fast paced cardiovascular and strength-training class. The workout is designed to push your limits and replicate the training conditions of today’s professional athletes. Do you you think your employees are up for the challenge? We’ll see you at wrk!


Let’s Move

A total body cross training class like nothing you’ve ever experienced, Let’s Move is a comprehensive and engaging workout that will leave you drenched. Members are split into groups and perform a series of aerobic and plyometric exercises, designed to burn fat and build muscle endurance while giving you an amazing workout!


Let’s Recover

A casual class designed to leave you feeling refreshed. Coach P leads you thru a series of movements designed to improve posture, increase blood flow, alleviate muscle soreness; allowing your mind and body to relax. The end result is you walking out feeling rejuvenated and confident for whatever the work week has in store for you.