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It brings me great joy to introduce the GOODWRK Membership. The membership structure has changed since our first installation, so please be sure to review all of the details and of course, always feel free to contact me (Percell) if you have any questions.

 GOODWRK Membership Structure:

  • Access to 2 Group Training Classes per week

  • Exclusive GOODWRK apparel (Tops and Water Bottle)

  • Complimentary fitness assessment

  • Specialized strength and conditioning program including a diet and nutrition plan

  • Access to expert fitness professionals and certified strength coaches.

The structure of our membership is to aid you in your goals while providing expert insight and knowledge, and still allowing you time for self-care. It all begins with the fitness assessment. After each member schedules and completes their assessment, I will review their imbalances and dysfunctions and build out a program that will address any and all of your health and performance related goals. It’s naive to believe that issuing you a primitive workout without first understanding the nuances of your physiology and mobility, will allow you to achieve long-term success. Our aim is to empower you with the tools you need, so you go on to live the life you want. Our fitness assessment and personalized programming will be the basis of your results. Schedule yours today.

Programming Schedule:

Programs are designed for you to complete on your own time without the presence of a trainer. Your individual programs will be be issued and updated every 3 weeks. The programs will consist of 3-5 active days per week relative to each member. The programs are catered to you based off your diet, goals, limitations and areas of improvement. For example: We may have 2 members who both want to run a marathon, but are in different fitness categories, and have very different diet restrictions as well as mobility limitations. Their programs will look very different. After each member has completed all the workouts in their 3 week program, they will undergo a new assessment and be issued an updated 3 week program to reflect their growth, while keeping them on track to reach their goal.

Assessment Details:

Where & When

  • College of Mount Saint Vincent

  • Saturdays and Sundays 8am-12pm

    I work at CMSV as a strength coach and have access to the facility. We will meet at my job for each member’s screening/assessment. The assessment will take anywhere between an hour and a half to 2 hours at most. Upon the completion of your assessment/screening you will be guided thru specific workouts, which will makeup your specialized program. You’ll also be recorded on camera and taking your “BEFORE” picture.

Group Training Schedule & Location:

  • Mondays And Wednesday

  • 6pm Meetup. 6:10pm Start

  • Central Park Columbus Circle

  • 1 Hour Minimum - 1 Hour 30min Max

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

  • BYOW (Bring Your Own Water)

Community & Member Support:

Despite the aesthetic based energy that exist within the fitness space, GOODWRK is NOT a space where the focus is on “looking good”. To be very transparent, as the leader of the collective, that is the least of my concerns. I am more invested in my member’s and their mental health, and growth as individuals. That being said, outside of our 2 workouts a week, there will be events that are for members only. These events will allow us to maintain good mental health, while also coming closer together as a community. A number of our members work in the creative field as well as more traditional fields like Banking and Education. We all deal with stress and have triggers. Let’s continue to be a resource to ourselves and others by putting our mental health and fitness first. Let’s WRK!

Price: $191.91 (Via Venmo @goodwrk)

Start Date: Monday March 18th, 2019

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